Our main results on the global geography of contemporary scientific activities were presented in french at the CIRED laboratory seminar in Nogent-sur-Marne (Greater Paris) on 5 November 2019.

We presented in detail two stylized facts: the spatial deconcentration of production and the densification of the global network of collaborations between cities. The presentation also includes a brief description of the methodology used to measure these phenomena at the urban level and the new NETSCITY online interface (https://www.irit.fr/netscity/) to automatically apply this methodology to subsets of bibliographic data.

An example of the application’s use has made it possible to spatialize CIRED research on a global scale. The dataset used for this demonstration can be downloaded from this git repository: https://framagit.org/MarionMai/cired-2019/tree/master

The slideshow presented, enriched with two slides showing the link to references mentioned during the question-and-answer session, is available here: