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Invited conference at FRCCS 2022, June 2...

Invited conference at FRCCS 2022, June 2022, Paris

For the second edition of the FRCCS conference (French Regional Conference On Complex Systems), to be held at the Institut des Systèmes Complexes in Paris from 20 to 22 June 2022, we have been invited to present our recent work on the logics of spatial location of research activities. The conference discussed the different determinants […]

Geography of scientific collaborations o...

Geography of scientific collaborations of the Roscoff Marine Biology Station, May 2022

Within the framework of the PUCA-POPSU project 2019-2022 – “A small town in the globalisation of science” and the RSE Saltire Facilitation Network Award for the “GEOCOLLAB” project (2022-2024) funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, we are working at mapping and analysing the scientific collaborations of the Marine Biology Station located in the small […]

Intervention on the link between researc...

Intervention on the link between research geography and urban hierarchy, April 2022

An invitation to present at the online seminar of Cassidy Sugimoto (Georgia Tech) and Vincent Larivière (University of Montreal) on April 21, 2022 offered an opportunity to introduce and discuss for the first time the research results presented in the forthcoming chapter: “Geography of research activities and urban hierarchies”, of the book Centralités et hiérarchies […]

Intervention at MESRI on the geography o...

Intervention at MESRI on the geography of research activities, April 2022

Our presentation on 14 April 2022 – given on the occasion of an invitation to the “Midis du Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (MESRI)” – provided an opportunity to present the results of several years of work in the field of geography of science, focusing on: the global scientific production […]

Analysis of the Ectocarpus corpus, March...

Analysis of the Ectocarpus corpus, March 2022

  Ectocarpus on Wikipedia : Ectocarpus is a genus of filamentous brown alga that is a model organism for the genomics of multicellularity. It belongs to the family of the Ectocarpaceae. Plant model organisms are necessary to understand the evolution of eukaryotes and thus the evolution of multicellularity, which is why the genus Ectocarpus appears […]

Online workshop “L’argent de la science”

Online workshop “L’argent de la science”, June 2021

On the occasion of the workshop “L’argent de la science” organised by the “Opération Mondes Scientifiques” of the research organism “Structuration des Mondes Sociaux”, we presented a first exploratory work based on the contents of the database ofresearch projects funded by the French National Agency of Research since 2010. This presentation was entitled: “Les données […]

Intervention at the ENSAE School on the ...

Intervention at the ENSAE School on the geography of science, March 2021

On March 31, 2021, a session of Paola Tubaro and Floriana Gargiulo’s Social Network Analysis (SNA) course at the ENSAE School was open to three external interventions aimed at showing applications to recent research of network analysis methods. The session included: – A presentation by Gianluca Manzo, Research Fellow in Analytical Sociology at GEMASS about […]

“Geography of academic research” at the

“Geography of academic research” at the AVUF Days, March 2021

As part of the “Journées de l’AVUF “, a series of webinars offered by the Association des Villes Universitaires de France, the 22 March session was organised by Jean-Michel Longueval from Grand Lyon and Bastien Bernela from Grand Poitiers. To feed a reflection on the concept of alliance of territories between university agglomerations of the same […]

Webinars on Innovation in India, Februar...

Webinars on Innovation in India, February 2021

As part of the webinars organised by AVRIST (Association for the Valorisation of International Scientific and Technical Relations), a round table on “Innovation, Research and Territory” was organised and coordinated by Eric Denis, Director of Research at the CNRS at the UMR Géographie-Cités. It gave rise to three presentations and a discussion session. A presentation […]