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Presentation on the French case at the c...

Presentation on the French case at the colloquium “complexity and disorder”, January 2020.

In January 2020, Michel Grossetti spoke at the second colloquium “Complexity and Disorder” organized in Paris to present results concerning the geography of research in France, the means implemented to study it and the limits of the recent policies aiming at intervening on this geography. The presentation entitled “The geographical organization of French research as […]

Geography of the World Scientific Produc...

Geography of the World Scientific Production, CNRS Day, November 2019

This presentation was made on November 27, 2019 on the occasion of the Day of CNRS laboratories and offices abroad. It reviews the main results of our research on the global geography of scientific activities and then presents NETSCITY, a new web application under development to map scientific production and collaborations between cities.

Presentation at the CIRED laboratory, no...

Presentation at the CIRED laboratory, november 2019

Our main results on the global geography of contemporary scientific activities were presented in french at the CIRED laboratory seminar in Nogent-sur-Marne (Greater Paris) on 5 November 2019. We presented in detail two stylized facts: the spatial deconcentration of production and the densification of the global network of collaborations between cities. The presentation also includes […]

Geographical representations of scholarl...

Geographical representations of scholarly networks, research day of the Colemon Project, June 2019

This presentation looks back at the lessons learned from an experience of interdisciplinary work between geo-history of science, cartography and network analysis. This experience led to the publication in 2015 in the journal Histoire et Informatique of an article entitled “LES MONDES SAVANTS ET LEUR VISUALISATION, DE L’ANTIQUITÉ À AUJOURD’HUI” (Andurand et al., 2015). It […]

The geography of research production in ...

The geography of research production in India, June 2019

A presentation on India’s place in the geography of global scientific activities was made in preparation for an internal meeting of AVRIST, Association for the Valuation of International Scientific and Technical Relations. Since 1982, this association has brought together people who are or have been advisors or scientific attachés in the French Embassy, or any […]

« Understanding the dynamics of science

« Understanding the dynamics of science », an interdisciplinary workshop (IXXI, Lyon 2017)

A workshop will be organized by the Complex Systems Institute (IXXI) of Lyon on the 23 of november (2017). It is an interdisciplinary workshop on the dynamics of science. Abstract: The availability of social data drives many scientists from the formal sciences (computer science, physics…) into the quantitative analysis of social systems. One early example […]

Scientific collaboration in space. Up-to...

Scientific collaboration in space. Up-to-date knowledge and policies (EU Region Week, Brussels, 10 oct. 2017)

Agnieszka Olechnicka is organising a session on scientific collaboration in the frame of the EU Region Week, in Brussels, October 10th 2017. The session will be chaired by Roberta Capello. The abstract is the following: Economic agents in European cities and regions become active partners in scientific collaboration, both through participating in research, and also […]

The analysis and visualisation of the wo...

The analysis and visualisation of the world scientific networks (INED, Paris, 2017)

In the frame of the applied statistics’ seminary organised by the INED Center in Paris, September 15th, we gave a talk on the visualisation and network analysis of scientific networks. Other speakers (Thomas Louail, Julien Brailly, Fabien Eloire, Camille Roth, Pierre Latouche, Christophe Prieur and Pascal Cristofoli) presented on other aspects of network analysis and […]