The spatial bibliometrics’ method that we developed to retrieved scientific publications at the urban area level has been applied in the frame of several derived works involving one or several of us.

  • A bibliometric study dealing with the structuration of a french network in green chemistry between scientists located in Poitiers, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, La Rochelle and Rennes – Consortium of the CNRS INCREASE
  • A bibliometric study dealing with the integration of the arctic area into the world network of scientific collaborations (Beauguitte and Maisonobe, 2016-2017) – ANR project PUR (Pôles Urbains)
  • A bibliometric study dealing with the Pyrenees between 1880 and 2016: a fieldwork between constraints and possibilities (Barrera, Maisonobe and Grossetti, 2015-2018) – project PASTEL (Patrimoine Scientifique Toulousain et Environnement Local) coordinated by Muriel Lefebvre and Anne-Claire Jolivet
  • The study of the geographical expansion of a scientific specialty: DNA Repair (Maisonobe, Giglia-Mari and Eckert, 2011-2015) – doctoral thesis of Marion Maisonobe related to the ANR Géoscience project